About Us


Welcome to Posh Nails!

One of the Philippines' pioneers in the natural nail care industry. Created by Catherine Ilacad in 2002, Posh Nails introduced a laid back, unique and modern setup to spa addicts young and old alike.


Upon entering the spa, you'd instantly be transported to a fancy girl's bedroom painted in pink, lilac and white complete with comfortable couches, soft pillows, and footrests. The place is also adorned with beaded curtains to incorporate a more feminine touch while soft R&B and chillout music are being played in the background for a soothing ambiance. 



Posh Nails offers ultra luxurious pampering packages for both hands and feet. Among the most in-demand services include the hand spa, hand and arm scrub, foot scrub, foot and leg mask, foot spa, reflexology, Posh spoiling, Basic Refresh, Themed Flavored Services (for Hands and Feet), eyelash extension, Paraffin dip, nail art and waxing.

Happy Pampering! 💅





  • Posh Nails is the first in the Philippines to offer themed manicures and pedicures such as Green Tea, Coffee, Chocolate lovers, Margarita, Creme Brulee and Citrus. Themed manicures and pedicures differ for each month to keep clients excited and up to date with nail salon services all across the globe. Posh Nails also offers cocktail drinks, coffee, tea, hot cocoa along with the themed service.
  • Cleanliness is our number one priority at Posh Nails. All Stainless steel instruments are sterilized after EVERY use with hospital grade barbicide. Nail Technicians are requested to disinfect their hands with our liquid sanitizer before attending to every client.
  • The Posh Nails staff are highly trained and very friendly.
  • Posh Nails goes a step further to making clients feel comfortable by offering robes, eye masks, drinks and more pillows. We will wake you up when you fall asleep, no worries!

Posh Nails is your second home. Relax and Enjoy!