Welcome to Posh Nails!

One of the Philippines' pioneer in the natural nail care industry. Created by Catherine Ilacad in 2002, Posh Nails introduced a laid back, unique and modern setup to spa addicts young and old alike.

Upon entering the spa, you'd instantly be transported to a fancy girl's bedroom painted in pink, lilac and white complete with comfortable couches, soft pillows and footrests. The place is also adorned with beaded curtains to incorporate a more feminine touch, while soft R&B and Chillout music is being played in the background for a soothing ambiance.

Posh Nails is your second home. Relax and Enjoy!

Posh Nails

2nd Level, Octo Arts Bldg., 108 Panay Ave. Quezon City

63 - 2 - 3738762


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